Generally the same as guarantor; however, in some states there are important distinctions. American Banker Glossary
An individual or corporation that guarantees the performance or actions of another. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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surety sur‧e‧ty [ˈʆɔːrti ǁ ˈʆʊr-] noun [countable, uncountable] LAW
1. a person who promises to appear in court, pay a debt etc if someone else fails to do so:

• The use of individual sureties grew sharply as contractors found it increasingly difficult to get insurance.

• He had acted as surety for both companies when they borrowed to finance the projects.

2. an amount of money or other things of value someone gives to make sure someone else will appear in court, pay a debt etc:

• He was allowed out of custody with sureties totalling £12,000.

• a third party entering into a contract of surety

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surety UK US /ˈʃɔːrəti/ US  /ˈʃʊrətIi/ noun [C or U] (plural sureties) LAW
a person who accepts legal responsibility for another person's debt or behaviour: act as surety for sb/sth »

He acted as surety for the two companies when they took out the original loan.

a promise, or money or property given as a promise, that someone will do something that they have said they will do, such as pay a debt or appear in court: »

Analysts doubt whether Ford would have been able to raise such a large amount of debt without some kind of surety.


A local shopkeeper and a relative had been prepared to put up a surety of $20,000, the court heard.

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